LUIS LOPEZ (guitar and voice) from Chile.. plays a wide spectrum of musical styles including rock, folk, classical and has developed his own sound.

His melodies and wild rythms are very intense and take you into a journey of emotions full of climaxes.

NIKITA SIEBER (violin and voice) from Germany..

Her influences span from classical to performance art.

Nikita has got an excepcional voice and the hability to express herself trough a dramatic and virtuous violin.

In addition to that she also plays the singing saw.


Luis was touring with his rock band in New Zealand and at the same time Nikita was busking in town Nelson where the band was about to play a couple of concerts. Luis saw Nikita playing on the street and ask her to play with them for a couple of songs on stage.

They realize soon about their musical connection and  creativity so they start to make songs as a Duo and playing them live. The impact was so strong and AndaMula Duo was born.

Memories of the childhood, experiences of travelling, being mother, being father, love, birth, power of nature, beauty , hope, pain, joy and death are some of their thematics.

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